As a communicator within Kent State University, you are a steward of our brand. You are responsible for maintaining the integrity of our brand, according to guidelines in our brand standards guide, so that in all expressions and executions, our brand appears in its best possible presentation. You bring the best of our brand to light!

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  • Kent State University Horizontal Logo

    Kent State University Stacked Logo

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    K Emblem with Kent State​​​​​​

  • Kent State Regional Horizontal Logo

    Kent State Regional Stack Logo
    Kent State Ashtabula stack logo

Brand Elements

Kent State brand icon samples

Each icon above is available in blue, gold and black.


Color Palette

Primary Color Palette

  • swatch 003976
    C=100 M=72 Y=0 K=38
    R=0 G=57 B=118
  • swatch EBAB21
    C=7 M=35 Y=100 K=0
    R=235 G=171 B=33

Secondary Color Palette 

  • swatch 2C8ECE
    C=76 M=33 Y=0 K=0
    R=44 G=142 B=206

  • swatch 0FBDDF
    C=69 M=1 Y=9 K=0
    R=15 G=189 B=223

  • swatch 8BD2CF
    C=44 M=0 Y=21 K=0
    R=139 G=210 B=207

  • Swatch 4452A3
    C=85 M=78 Y=0 K=0
    R=68 G=82 B=163

  • swatch 151033
    C=94 M=93 Y=46 K=60
    R=21 G=16 B=51

  • Swatch of yellow
    C=8 M=0 Y=72 K=0
    R=240 G=236 B=107

  • swatch B8BBA9
    C=29 M=22 Y=33 K=0
    R=184 G=184 B=169

  • swatch 8D9EA5
    C=48 M=31 Y=30 K=0
    R=141 G=158 B=165

  • swatch 59595C
    C=64 M=56 Y=52 K=27
    R=89 G=89 B=92

Metallic Color Palette 

  • Metallic Gold (PMS 873)
  • Metallic Blue (PMS 8783)
  • Gold Foil (No. 817)